The Fabrication Machine

Just my thoughts after watching 9 here. Not the flash stuff. I am generally interested in AI, and thinking machines in movies are not exception. This time, I was puzzled by revolt of fabrication machine in 9. I mean, I’ve got used to thinking machines revolting against humans in each and every movie (in fact, I was trying to think of some examples of movies where they don’t, but couldn’t remember anything except maybe Star Wars), but this time I couldn’t even understand why it did that. So I went online to look it up, and found plausible explanation in wikipedia:

After being forced to build more and more war machines, the Fabrication Machine snapped under the pressure and self-programed the war machines to attack any sign of life. After the humans were destroyed, the Fabrication Machine fell dormant (for an unknown reason) until 9 awakened it… 

So we basically have tired and pissed robot who wants to get some sleep :) In fact, I can relate to this story and like it a lot, and this could be all there is to it, if not for little detail that does not fit. The cat robot. It should certainly know that fabrication machine went as far as to destroy all the life to get some sleep and understand that it is not, therefore, very good idea to wake it up; yet, it does its best to this end. How would you explain that?


3 Responses to “The Fabrication Machine”

  1. 1 Philippe November 13, 2009 at 17:47

    (spoiler ahead)
    Yeah the machine’s motivations aren’t very clear – I think it was looking to gather all “soul parts” from the machine’s creator. Also I’d say it felt asleep out of energy and the cat robot was some sort of “background task” looking for soul fuel to wake it up.

    That said, the film wasn’t tooo bad.

  2. 3 Philippe November 13, 2009 at 18:58

    “soul fuel” – each new puppet soul was making it stronger.

    I think that in 9, like in many anticipation movies, the machine eventually realizes that eliminating humans is the optimal solution to the task they were created for.

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