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One wheel to drive them all

As soon as I had FLARToolKit+Unity3D test done, another idea stuck in my head: why not use original ARToolKit and some WinAPI magic together to control every game on the desktop. While that is perfectly possible, my C skills are too rusty to do that in 1 day, but – lo and behold – it is, nevertheless, done:

You can see here me using the same paper steering wheel and webcam to play Quake2, Midtown Madness and Tanki Online. Well, Quake2 was overreacting, Midtown Madness was laggy as hell, and in Tanki Online I was stuck into wall every minute or so, but I consider this test successful (for a PoC :)

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Unity3D and FLARToolKit steering wheel test

Now that there is free windows version of unity3d, everyone has to try it out. Inspired by this experiment, and having ready FLARToolKit steering wheel code from one of recent projects, I did this:

I’m not exactly the best modeller in the world, and I still suck at unity scripting, but I still think this is pretty good demo, so go ahead and give it a try :) Print this marker sheet beforehand. Continue reading ‘Unity3D and FLARToolKit steering wheel test’

What exactly is position in Sound.extract() ?

Does anyone know for sure? Today I have been working on simple sound queue using Sound.extract() with SampleDataEvent to avoid infamous SOUND_COMPLETE accuracy problems. For some (not really valid) reason I tried to manually track position passed to Sound.extract(), and I discovered that it is not actually measured in samples, as documentation claims. Actual units depend on sound compression method, for example in this demo below for raw 22kHz sounds I had to specify position = samples / 2:

The same demo with 16 kbps MP3 compression would have to use samples / 4. Intriguing…

Sandy history in 6 minutes

Just uploaded two visualizations of sandy history up to 3.1.2, one using gource and another using code_swarm:

Of the two, gource seems to be easier to install, richer in options and generally producing better results for the project of this scale (code_swarm was designed for large projects like eclipse). For those of you who would like to try and run these thingies yourself, I uploaded log files as well.

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