Animated 3D Pythagoras tree

This is (re)animation of last year experiment that I have been playing with over the holidays. Now you can see great diversity of this fractal in real time:

Boring behind-the-scenes story

Unfortunately at this level of detail original code was nowhere near realtime. With 15K 3D planes per frame you have twice more polygons to render in anaglyph mode, and then lots of them are cut in parts by Alternativa3D‘s BSP algorithm. So my 1st attempt was to save 2D data it produced by extending FillMaterial, and then run animation using that data. It worked for small data file with lesser amount of details, but large file could not be embedded into swf and, when finally loaded via FileReference, produced animation crawling at ~2 fps.

Given this (not that unpredictable) failure, I had to re-do the animation in C++ using this polygon rasterizer and libav* to output big-ass 151 MB 1280×960 video of this thing. Sure, you can’t expect youtube to stream full-blown 151 MB video even in HD mode, so the quality is somewhat less than one I myself enjoy; to rectify this situation I uploaded two random frames in full size here and here.

In case you want to make an animation that can’t be handled by flash this way too, check out C++ stuff. Finally, as a service to anyone trying to compile with ffmpeg using msvc, you need to add following macro

#ifndef INT64_C
#define INT64_C(val) val##i64

(Thanks Alexander Chemeris for that bit of information).

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