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Wonderfl clock

On March 14, in his “Clock Quiz” post, Zevan Rosser wrote:

Create some kind of clock with as little code as possible.

In my response I posted standard three handed clock in 20 lines, which I thought was quite short code. Well, not quite. Six guys at wonderfl took Zevan’s call very seriously and made a dozen of forks over last week, squeezing my code character by character down to only 137 characters in “enterFrame” handler atm.


Better three colors gradient

Three colors gradient is not exactly new subject, but known solutions revolving around affine transformation of right triangle have this annoying problem: color interpolation is different on one edge. This problem vanishes if we use barycentric coordinates to  interpolate color:

Check out this new shader and demo source (see also this post for bender-less implementation).

With this better method available, next question is exactly how much better is it. Following Nicolas’ example, I used random delaunay mesh with colored vertices to see how well would different triangles blend. It appears, however, that triangles edges are still easily noticeable, even though colors now match perfectly :( I guess this is unavoidable with independent triangle gradients. Well… something to think about later; two posts per night are more than enough.


Yet another wonderfl code today. It was inspired by Mycelium project, but actually looks more like some kind of fur… but then again, it could be worse – original piece by Zevan Rosser looks like something you would see in bubble chamber :) Any way, here it is:

Feel free to run it on your own images, I dare you to post results here.

Spherize filter

Last night I was thinking of ways to create “fish eye” effect with flash 3D engines, and decided that Pixel Bender is the way to go. However, two things I’ve found on the internet did not make it look the way I wanted, so I ended up creating my own “spherize” filter:

Of course, it is not limited to 3D – you are free to use it in any other way, too. Continue reading ‘Spherize filter’

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