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On unity flash add-on

Have you read what Unity guys just said about their flash add-on? Check it out:

We’re thrilled to offer the 260,000 active developers making great games and applications with Unity the opportunity to take advantage of the unprecedented reach of Adobe Flash Player across all major desktop browsers on more than a billion PCs… Unity developers will be able to take advantage of the stunning performance offered by the addition of hardware accelerated graphics rendering through Stage3D in Flash Player.

Oh wait, that was a year ago. Here’s what they actually said:

It’s been quite a while since we took a step back from our work here to give you all an update on how the Adobe Flash Player deployment add-on has been progressing. The good news is that things have been going great! We’ve had the chance to add in a lot of stuff that we initially didn’t think would be possible… We’re extremely proud of the work we’ve done making our engine the most powerful development pathway to Adobe Flash Player.

What, wrong quote again? Well, I guess I suck at quoting. So, let me just put the news in my own words: Unity executives compared costs to develop “the most powerful development pathway to Adobe Flash Player” with add-on sales and decided that it’s time to end it.

Oh yes, at the same time their “own Unity Web Player has seen unprecedented growth in recent months”, so they also decided it is good timing to blame Adobe and suggest everyone to move away from flash. Sounds like good decision to me, I mean it is working for them, right? Just look at all those tweets and posts they got in single day :)

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