Less than two weeks left to enter COLT contest

Last chance :)Just to remind you all, free COLT license + a chance to win some Apple hardware are only available until June 25. So download COLT, make your video, upload to youtube, send us the link. Do it now! While you still can :)

No, seriously. We’re very curious to see what kind of crazy ideas people can come up with. Check out this latest submission going wild with Kinect API and Away3D.

By the way, huge thanks goes to wonderfl.net for spreading the word free of charge:

we love Flash and Web developers community… so we’re gonna show your ads for Free (Masakazu Ohtsuka, KAYAC Inc)

Flash and Web developers, we at Code Orchestra love you too! And we hate when you waste your time compiling stuff. In fact, we hate it so much that next COLT release will build your projects up to 3 times faster (and we are talking both livecoding and production builds here). While these news are relevant to Windows users only, I’m sure there are lots of FlashDevelop users out there who will enjoy faster builds OOTB (if they install my COLT plugin).


1 Response to “Less than two weeks left to enter COLT contest”

  1. 1 mitohondriji June 13, 2013 at 08:10

    Thanks for the FlashDevelop plugin.

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