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[ᴘᴏʟʟ] Left or right?

What is better way to fill Mandelbrot exterior? Colors were intentionally left dull, please vote for best geometry:

left or right?

In case you want to check more locations, click here.

CSI zoom to my house

Some days ago I was thinking how to make deep Mandelbrot zoom to run in real time. We already have shallow low-res zooms running in real time, but deep zooms require more and more iterations per pixel, so unfortunately our only way to work around this seems to be to precompute zoom in some way, and then make whole thing to appear as if it was running in real time, i.e. make it interactive. Obvious way to do this would be to seek in zoom video, but what’s the fun in that? Instead, I was looking for some way to zoom in single image, CSI style. Continue reading ‘CSI zoom to my house’

Animated 3D Pythagoras tree

This is (re)animation of last year experiment that I have been playing with over the holidays. Now you can see great diversity of this fractal in real time:

Continue reading ‘Animated 3D Pythagoras tree’

Some fractals that dont look like shit

After reading some harsh words about fractals here, I decided to post random sample of recent fractal art from DA that does not, imho, look like shit. Continue reading ‘Some fractals that dont look like shit’

Three-dimensional Pythagoras tree

In 1942, Albert Bosman was busy drawing 1st Pythagoras tree instead of building submarines for Germany. Yesterday, I was busy programming 1st three-dimensional version of this fractal instead of doing real work. Today I had another go at that, increasing the number of squares and replacing view rotation with anaglyph mode. So, go get your 3D glasses and check out some of renderings it produced:

3D Pythagoras tree

And this is Pythagoras tree, too

Yet another 3D Pythagoras tree

As you can see, addition of third dimension somewhat reduces density of the tree, because squares get small faster; it does, however, greatly increase diversity of results. Note that my code generates only small subset of possible 3D Pythagoras trees – there is certainly much more land to explore.

Old stuff

July 2020

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