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Sandy history in 6 minutes

Just uploaded two visualizations of sandy history up to 3.1.2, one using gource and another using code_swarm:

Of the two, gource seems to be easier to install, richer in options and generally producing better results for the project of this scale (code_swarm was designed for large projects like eclipse). For those of you who would like to try and run these thingies yourself, I uploaded log files as well.


AS3 sandy branch final release

While sandy 3.1.2 release is pending official announcement, I decided to drop a collection of my various statements on subject combined in one post. Continue reading ‘AS3 sandy branch final release’

Augmented reality and QR codes

This is basically proof-of-concept that this is already possible in flash, today. What you do is take saqoosha’s FLARToolKit, add keno’s QR code reader, and load results into 3d engine (in this case, kiroukou’s sandy).

Clicky to see PoC

It doesn’t require webcam, just click to upload your test image. It also makes use of saqoosha’s PixelBender homography transform filter, since keno’s reader apparently doesn’t do that on its own (and generally is very sensitive to input bitmap, I must add). Default image comes from here.

Poor man z-sorting

Those of you who still watch sandy engine, know that there is pending maintenance release with almost no new features (unless they finally backport MD2+MD3 support from haXe branch). However, sometimes new features do get added; for example… Continue reading ‘Poor man z-sorting’

Augmented reality based on blob detection

It’s long time no post now, so I thought why not post something :) So, here goes this little augmented reality experiment. Let me warn you first, it is not impressive at all, nothing fancy on 3D side, and tracking – to be fair – sucks. This is in part because it does not use any solid technology such as FLARToolKit, just something hastily hacked in haXe, for a change. In other part, it uses very simple fixed threshold filter, that can (and does) harm tracking. To save me some typing, I have made this short video explaining what this experiment is about:

Continue reading ‘Augmented reality based on blob detection’

Sandy FLARToolKit Starter Kit

This one is for Petit – enjoy ;) Oh yeah – use this marker.

sandy augmented reality test

Continue reading ‘Sandy FLARToolKit Starter Kit’

Sandy goes FP10

Some people think the engine is ready for Flash player 10, if it works after you replace its rendering code with drawTriangles() call. In this sense Sandy is certainly ready for FP10, as seen in this little demo below:

Sandy FP10 demo

clicky for Sandy FP10 demo

You can see Sandy’s good old FP9-compatible BitmapMaterial on the left plane along with its hacked FP10 version on the right one. There wasn’t much effort involved in this, check out source for yourself. Continue reading ‘Sandy goes FP10’

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